Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 5: More Running, Zero Pounds

The running is....progressing....slowly. I think this week it really sunk in just how much I have regressed after taking my little running hiatus. Sure sleeping in until 6:00 am felt great, yes I loved not doing 14 loads of laundry a week, and I'll even agree that my thigh jiggle was on point, but the fun is over with. Mama has serious work to do.

Tuesday I overslept for running and work. By the time I got home I felt like crap, so running was a bad idea. Thursday I ended up on the gym treadmill because of the insane storm outside. Welcome to hurricane season in Florida. I happened to be on a treadmill next to a decently fit dude, so what do I do? Race him, obvi. I ran the first mile non stop, coming in at 12:02, whooping this man by a good minute (who had no idea we were racing anyway...that's his problem). The 2nd mile I decided I probably shouldn't kill myself so I ran modified 4:1s and still took him out, even though my pace was 13:03. That poor man didn't even know what hit literally, he had no idea. Saturday's run was brutal. Kathleen and I cranked out 3 miles of 1:1s before walking the last mile. Did I mention it is hurricane season? Helloooo humidity.

On the weight front I have had zero progress. This isn't really shocking me. Actually, when I started half marathon training back in the day I actually gained weight. There is a science behind it but I will also blame it on my ravenous appetite after a long run...sounds better. Thing will even out soon, I just have to stay on track and keep working hard. See how I just pulled that positivity out of my @?!

Week 5:
 lbs lost: 0.0 lbs (Total lost: 3.4)
$ earned: $3.40 total. The dollar store is calling my name.
Toughest Part of the Week: My summer job is a lot of sitting. Need to make more of an effort to take some walks as breaks.
Easiest Part of the Week: Eating at a regular time for lunch. This job runs like clockwork!
Pic for this week:
My dog is way cuter, let's be honest.

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