Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week 4 Recap: Progress!

Picture this: a 33 year old woman with a few extra lbs on her, blogging about trying to lose weight while eating a Starburst. You'd judge her, right? Dang, that's what I thought.

This week I made zero progress. Numerically, that is. So no pounds were lost, no inches gone, no 6 pack abs sprouting from their fatty topsoil. However, I did come a long way this week in another aspect: running. This week was my first week back with my training group and (SHOCKER) I made it out of bed all 3 mornings! Tuesday I ran mile repeats, Thursday was a 5k and yesterday I stumbled through 4 miles! I wasn't the fastest (nor the slowest) or the the sexiest piece of running meat out there, but I made it through. I. Am. So. Frickin'. Proud. So, true, the number below is zero. But progress is happening.

Week 4:
 lbs lost: 0.0 lbs (Total lost: 3.4)
$ earned: $3.40 total. Still barely got that lip gloss.
Toughest Part of the Week: Getting up and running!
Easiest Part of the Week: Orange is the New Black - Season 2 is out! It gave me a perfect excuse to relax!
Pic for this week:
No selfies were taken this week, so here is my baby boy <3

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