Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 3 Recap: Tales from Ft Laudy

Traveling is really a kick in the pants. When I'm not on the road, I get to make my ah-dorable little bento box lunches, drink my green juice in the AM and have a sensible dinner. This week I was in Ft Lauderdale for a conference for 5 days. That meant food on the run that was convenient. I tried, I swear I did, but I didn't log like I have been and I also didn't get enough steps in. Also, our days were jam packed with lots o' sitting.

But am I going to beat myself up over this? No. Why? I have bigger fish to fry. This week I start back with my running group. I've been on a longer hiatus than I intended, so this is gonna be rough. Tonight I'm taking the night to relax and de-stress because at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning, my large tookus will be running mile repeats. <-I really hope that stays plural. MileS, darn it!

Week 3:
 lbs lost: 2.0 lbs (Total lost: 3.4)
$ earned: $3.40 total. Sheesh-barely a lip gloss!
Toughest Part of the Week: Being on the road
Easiest Part of the Week: De-stressing...mama likey the beach.
Pic for this week:

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