Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 7: #$%!

First of all, a moment of awe to honor my new Forerunner 220. She's a beaut, eh? The 405 and I have ended our 3 year relationship and decided it's best we part ways. Actually, in a fit of frustration I threw it on the floor of my car and bought a new one that morning. I named her Violet. She has Bluetooth. Judge at your leisure.

Hey Violet, hey girl.
Also, let's take another moment to be excited that Trader Joe's finally opened in Central Florida! Yes, we went. Yes, we filled our cart with amazingness. Yes, we waited 30 minutes to checkout. Yes, it was worth it. I've waited for this since I moved to Florida, frankly. Healthy(ier) food at reasonable prices? I can't.

But wait...there's more! I started working out at Orange Theory Fitness this week! OTF is a 60 minute workout that combines strength training and cardio. Each client wears a heart rate monitor (I'm no stranger there) to track their workout on screens in the room. The goal is to spend most of your workout in the green, orange and a little in the red. It's supposed to torch fat like a lighter. It has definitely worked for my friend Amy, so I thought it was time to kick it up a notch and I joined. I'm starting out with 2x a week for now to see how it works with my schedule. So far so good. I like it because it's a small class (20ish) so I don't feel lost in the crowd but I don't have a one-on-one trainer (those make me nervous). The trainer definitely knows what everyone in the class is doing and the workouts are never the same. Let me tell you, I'm sore. Super sore. Like, just rode a horse sore. So I know it's working.
This is not an actual screen from my gym, photo creds go to Just wanted to give you a reference point.
My runs are already feeling stronger. It's been 3 week since we started this running session and I definitely notice a difference. Saturday's run was easier, with less walk breaks and we even walked another 2 miles after! 

Ok, now all of that being said, here are my stats for the week. I almost couldn't believe it either. But, instead of throwing in towel, I shall #justkeepswimming. Err, running....y'know what I mean.

lbs lost: 0.0 lbs (Total lost: 3.4)
Yes, that's correct. Running, OTF, logging my food and I'm STILL STUCK.
$ earned: $3.40 total. #ridic #stillbroke
Toughest Part of the Week: The. Scale. Still. Says. Zero.
Easiest Part of the Week: Getting excited about working out at OTF.

Tomorrow is another day. Another day where I work out at 5:30 AM. G'night.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week 6: Still Nada

Another week, no weight loss. Not even a tenth of a pound. So, this week I'm trying something new. Tomorrow I'm going to try an Orange Theory Fitness workout class. These classes are HIIT based (high intensity interval training) and they mix weights and cardio. If I never post again, you'll know what happened to me. Send positive vibes. Seriously.

Running is...going. I'm slow as heck, but I'm out there. I'm reminded of that amazing t-shirt pin on Pinterest that says something like, "You may be slow, but you're faster than everyone on the couch." True dat. Plus, I have to keep remembering that I ran my fastest half marathon to date just 10 months after my heart attack, when I couldn't run for 4 months. It can be done.

This week I've had some weird flashback moments. Granted, the weather in Florida is hotter than Hades, but I've had some hot flash moments, and then my heart will race super fast. I'm sure it's nothing, but I've been a little panicky. Anyone ever have this happen to them and get upset? Do tell.

Do I even need to do this? Ugh....
lbs lost: 0.0 lbs (Total lost: 3.4)
$ earned: $3.40 total.That's barely a grande skinny vanilla latte at the 'Bucks
Toughest Part of the Week: The. Scale. Still. Says. Zero.
Easiest Part of the Week: Running has made me happy. This is huge, people. Huge.
Pic for this week:
#selfie y'all

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Go Red for Women Luncheon Interview

At the amazing Go Red for Women Luncheon I was interviewed by Channel 6. It finally aired! Again, a huge shoutout to the Orlando Chapter of the American Heart Association, who change my life with every opportunity, and the women they help everyday. I am so lucky to be able to meet the people I meet and connect with heart attack survivors everywhere. Support it now.

Week 5: More Running, Zero Pounds

The running is....progressing....slowly. I think this week it really sunk in just how much I have regressed after taking my little running hiatus. Sure sleeping in until 6:00 am felt great, yes I loved not doing 14 loads of laundry a week, and I'll even agree that my thigh jiggle was on point, but the fun is over with. Mama has serious work to do.

Tuesday I overslept for running and work. By the time I got home I felt like crap, so running was a bad idea. Thursday I ended up on the gym treadmill because of the insane storm outside. Welcome to hurricane season in Florida. I happened to be on a treadmill next to a decently fit dude, so what do I do? Race him, obvi. I ran the first mile non stop, coming in at 12:02, whooping this man by a good minute (who had no idea we were racing anyway...that's his problem). The 2nd mile I decided I probably shouldn't kill myself so I ran modified 4:1s and still took him out, even though my pace was 13:03. That poor man didn't even know what hit literally, he had no idea. Saturday's run was brutal. Kathleen and I cranked out 3 miles of 1:1s before walking the last mile. Did I mention it is hurricane season? Helloooo humidity.

On the weight front I have had zero progress. This isn't really shocking me. Actually, when I started half marathon training back in the day I actually gained weight. There is a science behind it but I will also blame it on my ravenous appetite after a long run...sounds better. Thing will even out soon, I just have to stay on track and keep working hard. See how I just pulled that positivity out of my @?!

Week 5:
 lbs lost: 0.0 lbs (Total lost: 3.4)
$ earned: $3.40 total. The dollar store is calling my name.
Toughest Part of the Week: My summer job is a lot of sitting. Need to make more of an effort to take some walks as breaks.
Easiest Part of the Week: Eating at a regular time for lunch. This job runs like clockwork!
Pic for this week:
My dog is way cuter, let's be honest.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week 4 Recap: Progress!

Picture this: a 33 year old woman with a few extra lbs on her, blogging about trying to lose weight while eating a Starburst. You'd judge her, right? Dang, that's what I thought.

This week I made zero progress. Numerically, that is. So no pounds were lost, no inches gone, no 6 pack abs sprouting from their fatty topsoil. However, I did come a long way this week in another aspect: running. This week was my first week back with my training group and (SHOCKER) I made it out of bed all 3 mornings! Tuesday I ran mile repeats, Thursday was a 5k and yesterday I stumbled through 4 miles! I wasn't the fastest (nor the slowest) or the the sexiest piece of running meat out there, but I made it through. I. Am. So. Frickin'. Proud. So, true, the number below is zero. But progress is happening.

Week 4:
 lbs lost: 0.0 lbs (Total lost: 3.4)
$ earned: $3.40 total. Still barely got that lip gloss.
Toughest Part of the Week: Getting up and running!
Easiest Part of the Week: Orange is the New Black - Season 2 is out! It gave me a perfect excuse to relax!
Pic for this week:
No selfies were taken this week, so here is my baby boy <3

Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 3 Recap: Tales from Ft Laudy

Traveling is really a kick in the pants. When I'm not on the road, I get to make my ah-dorable little bento box lunches, drink my green juice in the AM and have a sensible dinner. This week I was in Ft Lauderdale for a conference for 5 days. That meant food on the run that was convenient. I tried, I swear I did, but I didn't log like I have been and I also didn't get enough steps in. Also, our days were jam packed with lots o' sitting.

But am I going to beat myself up over this? No. Why? I have bigger fish to fry. This week I start back with my running group. I've been on a longer hiatus than I intended, so this is gonna be rough. Tonight I'm taking the night to relax and de-stress because at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning, my large tookus will be running mile repeats. <-I really hope that stays plural. MileS, darn it!

Week 3:
 lbs lost: 2.0 lbs (Total lost: 3.4)
$ earned: $3.40 total. Sheesh-barely a lip gloss!
Toughest Part of the Week: Being on the road
Easiest Part of the Week: De-stressing...mama likey the beach.
Pic for this week: