Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 1: SUCCESS!

Week one is over with! Not bad, not bad. Let me tell you, the FitBit is the coolest thing ever. I didn't meet my 10,000 steps goal on a couple of the days this week, but it was fun getting as many as I could. This week was cray busy, so next week will be better as far as that goes. I literally was driving from one thing after another each day. I also drank an insane amount of water. 4 lbs is a great weight loss week. I was worried my stress level would kill any progress. Think I can lose 2 this week? That's my goal.

lbs lost: 4!
$ earned: $4....hmmm....I guess if I stopped now I could buy a lip gloss....NOPE!
Toughest Part of the Week: This week was insanely busy. I sing with a local chorus and our performances were this weekend so I was super stressed. It definitely took a lot of planning and thought.
Easiest Part of the Week: Using this FitBit! MAMA LIKEY!
Pic for this week:
Like my hair scarf? It's all part of the show!

Ok, back to eating my chocolate covered cashews. Noms.

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