Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wild Goose Chase!

Yesterday Amy and I went on a wild goose, really! We signed up for the Goose Island Wild Goose Chase downtown. Team Name? Gold Diggers. AND WHAT!

So the basic idea of the race was that you get a list of clues and a puzzle page. You can go through the clues in any order but they lead you to different locations around downtown Orlando and then you scan a QR code for a clue or information. The goal was to get a golden egg and get it back to "the Nest." First ones back were the winners, 2nd ones were 1st place, and so on. But guess what guys?....

WE WON! BOO-YAH! We actually won! I swear I've never won anything like this in my life so I am so stoked. We definitely got lucky, chose the right clues, kicked butt on the puzzles and got that golden bad boy back FIRST! We also ran... A LOT. Again, what break from running?? We won a trip to Chicago! Check out the pics of Egbert (yes, that's his name). Stud....lucky stud.

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