Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fat (& Tired) Tuesday

Happy Tuesday. No seriously, it's a happy Tuesday! I just got back from my rheumatology appointment. No lupus, no thyroid problems, no inflammation. Good news, right? Sure, I have no idea what this crippling exhaustion is or why I can't remember what I had for dinner the night before or where I put my cell phone (today it was underneath a pile of papers on my desk) but at least I'm in the clear as far as all of these things go. It doesn't make me feel better about the 20 extra lbs I'm carting around or the fact that I feel like I'm 97 years old. 98% of me is thrilled but 2% of me wishes I had some answers. Is it the boatload of medication I'm on? Am I secretly depressed and I have no idea? Did sleep elves crawl into my ears and tell my brain to be tired all the time? Who knows. But for now I have to be ok without answers.

Saturday I ran with Kathleen. We did her 45s/2m intervals which was fine with me! Better than fine! I actually made it, ate breakfast, and made it through a shopping extravaganza at Old Navy, chorus rehearsal and date night before I was ready to pass out. It's been awhile since I was that productive. 

Now excuse me, it's time for my nap.
It's 5:30 am...do you know where your sanity is?

Even Max has been tired. Max, it's a bed, not a pillow.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hope your day was spent with the one you love <3

Side note: My little fluff ball has been using his new bed. Isn't he cute?!

Wild Goose Chase!

Yesterday Amy and I went on a wild goose chase...no, really! We signed up for the Goose Island Wild Goose Chase downtown. Team Name? Gold Diggers. AND WHAT!

So the basic idea of the race was that you get a list of clues and a puzzle page. You can go through the clues in any order but they lead you to different locations around downtown Orlando and then you scan a QR code for a clue or information. The goal was to get a golden egg and get it back to "the Nest." First ones back were the winners, 2nd ones were 1st place, and so on. But guess what guys?....

WE WON! BOO-YAH! We actually won! I swear I've never won anything like this in my life so I am so stoked. We definitely got lucky, chose the right clues, kicked butt on the puzzles and got that golden bad boy back FIRST! We also ran... A LOT. Again, what break from running?? We won a trip to Chicago! Check out the pics of Egbert (yes, that's his name). Stud....lucky stud.

IOA Corporate 5k

I know, I know, I'm on a running break. But between us, I'm getting chunkier by the day and I actually miss running. Not getting up super early, don't get it twisted. I miss being with my running friends, I miss the excitement of checking my time, & I miss the feeling of accomplishment after a run. So Tuesday I am back to running. Or was it Thursday?

Thursday I ran with the American Heart Association IOA Corporate 5k team. More like we began the race together and then I ran/walked the 3 miles with some in front of me and some behind me. It was a fun race minus the fact that there were over 18,000 runners. INSANE. But fun...did I mention I miss running?

My time? About 41 minutes, putting me almost at a 13:30 pace. Not bad for a girl who has been sitting on her fat booty the last month. I ran the first mile in just over 11 minutes, shocking even myself. Then I decided I should slow down and enjoy the race. So, I chillaxed and did what I could. Thanks to the Orlando chapter of the American Heart Association for letting me tag along! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New bracelet

Check out this amazing Whole Heart bracelet from Alex and Ani! 20% of the proceeds go towards the American Heart Association through December! I love mine! 
Note: This post isn't a sponsored post, I'm just super excited about my bracelet ;)