Friday, March 21, 2014

Winter Park Road Race 10k

Heyyyyy...remember when I said I am on a break? Wellllll I ammmmm...minus this race. Tee hee.

My friend Kathleen (who I have mentioned a million times before because she is just that cool) had foot surgery last year. She is slowly easing her way into running again, starting with walking. However, Kathleen's walk is my slow run. Ha. Her pace is so impressive. She wanted to test out her super fabulous walking so we signed up for the Winter Park Road Race 10k.

I walked. By walked I mean I chased Kathleen for 6 miles. We did some intervals of running but nothing major. I hit my usual wall around 4 miles and just did what I could 'til the end. Kathleen was absolutely amazing. I'm so proud of her for coming back like she has and kicking major butt at the race. I'm sure I'll have more stories about Kathleen soon. She's a survivor. I'm so proud to be her friend.
Go Kathleen!


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