Friday, March 21, 2014

95.3 The Obie & Lil Shawn Show w/ Estee!

What a way to spend the last day of Heart Month! Now I definitely don't know if I'm cool enough to even blog this but I had the chance to be a guest on The Obie & Lil Shawn Show w/ Estee on POWER 95.3 on February 28th. Obie himself discovered he had a heart murmur that required corrective surgery after a simple check up at the doctor. Again, we never know. Check out his story here.

Although it was only for a few minutes, the experience was amazing. So far my speaking engagements have been in front of a group of people. It was fascinating to think about people like me, driving in their cars on their way to work, listening to my story and hopefully learning something about heart disease.

So thanks Obie, Lil Shawn & Estee. 95.3 you rock!

Obie, Meghan from Orlando AHA, moi, Estee & Shawn

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