Friday, July 12, 2013


Let me preface this post by saying that I have never been a morning person. I distinctly remember having water dumped on my head as a small child and wishing school began at noon. Until I found coffee in college my mornings were filled with grumbling, insulting roommates, and severely mismatched eye makeup. I continue this proud tradition today...mornings shall never be my thing. Were it not for sugar-free french vanilla creamer and sunglasses I would not be a functioning member of society.

When I began this crazy hobby we call running, I wondered if I had been hallucinating when I agreed to morning workouts that started at 5 a.m.. the in AM?! That used to be my bed time!  I tried desperately to become a morning person. I meditated, went to bed early, packed my bag before going to bed and even bribed myself with Starbucks after the run. For awhile it worked. Then the heart attack happened.

Before the heart attack I noticed I was fatigued each day. Getting up was a battle, none the less strapping on my Garmin and running like a Kenyan. After the heart attack the fatigue lingered. About a year into recovery I noticed my energy level returning and getting up was easier. I think I was also motivated by racing again. But lately I've been oversleeping almost every day. I sleep through alarms (doesn't matter the sound or volume) and even through apps that require tasks in order for the alarm to go off. Have you ever fed a sheep in your sleep? I have...I'm adding it my resume.

So faithful readers, I'm looking for some solutions. If you have any ideas, send 'em my way! 
Some hysterical alarm clocks I've come across. I laugh but I'm considering them!
I'm a horrible shot, so this might work [product via Amazon]

Wake & Shake anyone? [product via Amazon]

This one runs away from you! [product via Amazon]

This may be my all time fav...
Tee hee. I'd be up before the alarm! [product via think geek]

Any others? :)

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