Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where Have I Been?!

Sorry kids, but I needed a break. The end of the school year for a teacher is insane. IN to the SANE. Between that, my doctorate, having a life, starting summer camp and running, my life has been packed to the max. I've been super tired and something had to give. But I'm BACK! The fall marathonfest session has begun and I have my sights set on St Pete & Space Coast. Stay tuned for more training posts because Amy and I are burning pavement lately. Last but not least, I have a sweet new look to my blog. Like it?

I posted this to facebook on National Running Day...feeling thankful still!

Amy, Kathleen and I have taken up Aqua Jogging (or Water Yogging, as we call it). No swimsuit pics needed. [Article via Runners World]

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