Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dr. Eris?! AH!

I am pretty much obsessed with L.A. Shrinks. Obsessed is putting it mild. As someone with a Master's in Family Counseling I get hooked on all of the psych shows, but not a lot of them stick. L.A. Shrinks is different. The 3 main therapists, Dr. Eris, Dr. Greg & Dr. V are hysterical, deep individuals that let the cameras into their personal lives as well, so the psychology comes full circle. Why am I writing about all of this? I promise there is a point.

So being the fanatic that I am, I "liked" Dr. Eris' Facebook page one day. There was a post looking for encouraging stories that would help other women. So I Facebook messaged her and she was interested! I ended up sending my story to her work email address and it's on her website now!
[screenshot via loveetcetc]
Definitely check out Dr. Eris' Facebook, website (they are looking for women for a virtual support group for tons of women's issues) and her twitter! ♥
[screenshot via loveetcetc]

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