Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Challenge, Days 24 - 27: Oops

Ok, I suck at this April Challenge. Although the good news is that I ran on Wednesday AM with Amy and I ran a 5k today. Thursday and Friday? Not so much. I haven't been feeling great so I went to the doc on Friday who is sending me to a hematologist and a gastroenterologist. Long story, but maybe I'll have some answers soon.

This morning was the Track Shack Run for the Trees 5k. We had a blast! There were tons of photo ops, so the time could've been a lot better but we wouldn't have had as much fun. Why sprint when you can take ridiculous pics and see peacocks?! Loved a morning race with the crew. We even had Lora with us! Amanda and Elie are off running Kentucky so we are sending them good vibes too. What are you doing to be active this weekend? ♥

we ran those trees

Amy & her new BFF

She killed us.


Outrun your doubt!

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