Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Challenge, Days 22 & 23: Monday Blues & Mile Repeats

Mondays are tough. I'm starting to see a pattern after this April Challenge thing. I don't like working out on Mondays. Instead, I go home, vacantly research and write while I watch "How I Met Your Mother" reruns and eat whatever unfortunate, freezer-burned veggie burger is in the fridge then pass out on the couch around 9 p.m. only to wake up in a panic an hour later and drag myself to bed. It's a sad pattern folks. I could use the excuse that I ran a 10k the day before, that there has been a lot of stress this month, or that the couch is too comfy but any way you slice it the pattern continues.

This morning I made it out of bed for mile repeats. Nothing too crazy, just 2 standard miles at the usual pace. The weather is starting to turn...booo humidity.

Side note: Last night I was watching "L.A. Shrinks" (waaaay past my bedtime but I managed) and the end of the episode had all three therapists discussing relationships and love. Dr. Eris said, "love is what keeps the heart going." I found this absolutely, fantastically inspiring and made an Instaquote pic from my fav beach with those words on it. Maybe no medical reason can explain my heart attack, but I think this quote can. It's officially the background on my phone. Planning on keeping my heart open and healthy. Readers, I wish you lots of love and open hearts. ♥

[Photo by me, quote by Dr Eris, effects by Picfx, help from InstaQuote]

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