Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Challenge, Day 4: Day Of Reflection

Ok so epic fail on getting up this morning to run. I slept through text messages and 2 sets of alarms. Nice job Sarah. Narcoleptic, party of 1, your table is ready. I wonder sometimes.

I would have liked to work out tonight, but bigger things were already planned. This evening I took a tour of the Victim Service Center of Central Florida site where sexual assault victims can receive assistance. They help anywhere between 15-25 victims a month with everything from a medical exam/evidence collection to advocate assistance to clean clothes to mental health counseling. It was amazing! I'm on the fundraising committee for this fantastic organization. Don't know what it is? Check out their newest newsletter.

So, no serious physical activity today. I'm a little disappointed but I will make up for it this weekend. I've got a run, bike ride and the MS Walk planned so I will be plenty active. For tonight I will remain thankful for places like VSC and for the ability to help others. ♥
[photo via piccsy]

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