Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Challenge, Day 11: Active Mind, Active Soul

This morning I actually woke up on time to run...but I didn't go. My body was desperately screaming out for more rest and I answered the call. My feet have been swollen and cramped and I've had a dull headache for a week now. Plus the back of my ankle is still sore from when I hit it with the bike pedal last weekend. So I made the decision to stay in bed and get 3 more hours of sleep.

Imagine what it looked like last weekend. This is progress.
Instead of having an active body, I nursed an active mind this afternoon. Jenni (check out her vegan cooking blog!) introduced me to a meet up for a local spiritual place that has yoga, meditation, past life regression and other awesome sessions. Today we went to the session on tapping into psychic intuition. It was just what my spinning mind needed. I was able to meditate on my current head space and I feel much more calm and ready to face life. Highly recommended. So my body might've taken a rest today but I feel healthier by far. ♥

My work from our session

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