Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Challenge, Day 10: Stress, She Is A Cruel Mistress

Stress. We all have it, we all want it to go away. It consumes us, gives us aches and pains, toils with our emotions and makes our short time on this earth less joyful. Stress, she is a cruel mistress.

I am experiencing a serious amount of stress this week. Work, school and my numerous commitments to various causes have caused my feet to feel like cement blocks. When I am stressed, the tension goes right to my feet. I get cramps, swelling and a general heavy feeling. So much that I have a hard time walking, running or putting on most shoes. Strange but true. This week my wittle feetsies hurt.

To de-stress this evening I did one massive yoga session. I do a few key poses every morning but I was due for a long practice. I have an awesome app on my Mac that times out each pose. Tons of sun salutations, vinyasa flow style. Felt great. Extra long shavasana and I was feeling much better. Namaste readers. ♥

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