Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Challenge, Days 24 - 27: Oops

Ok, I suck at this April Challenge. Although the good news is that I ran on Wednesday AM with Amy and I ran a 5k today. Thursday and Friday? Not so much. I haven't been feeling great so I went to the doc on Friday who is sending me to a hematologist and a gastroenterologist. Long story, but maybe I'll have some answers soon.

This morning was the Track Shack Run for the Trees 5k. We had a blast! There were tons of photo ops, so the time could've been a lot better but we wouldn't have had as much fun. Why sprint when you can take ridiculous pics and see peacocks?! Loved a morning race with the crew. We even had Lora with us! Amanda and Elie are off running Kentucky so we are sending them good vibes too. What are you doing to be active this weekend? ♥

we ran those trees

Amy & her new BFF

She killed us.


Outrun your doubt!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Challenge, Days 22 & 23: Monday Blues & Mile Repeats

Mondays are tough. I'm starting to see a pattern after this April Challenge thing. I don't like working out on Mondays. Instead, I go home, vacantly research and write while I watch "How I Met Your Mother" reruns and eat whatever unfortunate, freezer-burned veggie burger is in the fridge then pass out on the couch around 9 p.m. only to wake up in a panic an hour later and drag myself to bed. It's a sad pattern folks. I could use the excuse that I ran a 10k the day before, that there has been a lot of stress this month, or that the couch is too comfy but any way you slice it the pattern continues.

This morning I made it out of bed for mile repeats. Nothing too crazy, just 2 standard miles at the usual pace. The weather is starting to turn...booo humidity.

Side note: Last night I was watching "L.A. Shrinks" (waaaay past my bedtime but I managed) and the end of the episode had all three therapists discussing relationships and love. Dr. Eris said, "love is what keeps the heart going." I found this absolutely, fantastically inspiring and made an Instaquote pic from my fav beach with those words on it. Maybe no medical reason can explain my heart attack, but I think this quote can. It's officially the background on my phone. Planning on keeping my heart open and healthy. Readers, I wish you lots of love and open hearts. ♥

[Photo by me, quote by Dr Eris, effects by Picfx, help from InstaQuote]

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Challenge, Day 21: Heart Healthy 10k-Take 2!

Today was the Heart Healthy 10k in Lake Mary. Experiencing deja vu? Me too. Kathleen and I ran the Port Orange race February 24th. This time I ran the race with Amy since Kathleen's knee has been hurting her and she wanted to walk a bit. We had a big group of runners and it was super fun. I even shaved a few minutes off of my time. We had a hysterical breakfast-including the YouTube videos we cracked up over. What's not to love about goats and cats? ♥


Amy and I


bib & medal

Friday, April 19, 2013

April Challenge, Days 18 & 19: Run & Rest

TGIF readers! I don't know about anyone else, but I had one heck of a week. Luckily I got in a run yesterday morning with Kathleen, but tonight I am taking some time to hang out with my boo. Getting excited for the Heart Healthy 10k in Lake Mary on Sunday! Maybe I'll squeeze in a yoga session tomorrow.

I guess I realize now that my April Challenge was a little difficult with the crazy schedule this month always brings. I have been decent, but not perfect. But, health is a marathon not a sprint. ♥
[Photo via Shape magazine]

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Challenge, Day 17: Max Isn't Into This

I came across this article today and thought it was a perfect time to try it out! I'm trying not to do anything too strenuous this week because the Heart Healthy 10k is this Sunday. Having deja vu? You're totally right! I ran the Heart Healthy 10k in Port Orange a little over a month ago, but I am doing the 2nd one in Lake Mary as well! No public speaking, just a fun run with my loved ones.

So, tonight I tried out "6 Workout Moves to Do With Your Dog." Exercises ranged from lunges to pushups to wall squats. It was fun to try to get Max to participate, but after one or two exercises he was over it and took a nap on the couch. Oddly enough, Madeline wanted to lay under me while I planked and even let me kiss her head when I did pushups. Don't get it twisted, I can't do that many. It was a fun thing to try but I think next time Max and I will just go to the d-o-g p-a-r-k. Careful, he can spell. ♥

[article via Women's Health]

[C'mon Max, let's work out!]

It's the fatty catty with the flabby abs

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Challenge, Day 16: Run For Boston

This morning I hit the pavement bright and early with the ladies for mile repeats. I had Boston on my mind the whole time. I felt very lucky to learn that our Track Shack peeps were safe and sound.

Today I am thankful for so much. I am thankful that when I lived in NY on 9-11 my friends and family were safe. I'm thankful that runners are such a resilient group of people who will thrive in the face of adversity. How did you #runforBoston? ♥

[Photo via Facebook, unknown]

Rocked my Boston tee for work today

Seemed like a good day to start wearing my new Asics that are blue and yellow. They also remind me of NY. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Heart Is In Boston Today

Saturday I celebrated running and friends. I ran the Color Me Rad 5k for FUN. I was there to be with my amazing friends and to enjoy the feeling of running. I didn't run for time, I didn't run for a medal. I did it just because. I spent the rest of the day enjoying the tired feeling in my muscles. Yesterday I didn't work out, instead choosing to spend the day in bed, enjoying the down time before today's insanity.

This morning my students took the Math FCAT. For those of you who don't live in Florida, the FCAT is the huge state assessment. I have been stressed about it for weeks. My students, parents, and fellow teachers have been on edge and I have been drained every day. Today it finally happened. I don't think I can even explain how exhausted I was by 3:00 in the afternoon, after spending the day consoling students, reading manuals and crazy schedules. Then, the text came.

My friend Elie sent a text that said, "Who sets off explosions at the finish line of a race? If you know details, please share." I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, so I immediately got on CNN. There it was--the Boston tragedy. My heart, already heavy with the stress of the day, sank. I am absolutely heartbroken at what has occurred at the Boston Marathon.

Running is sacred. It has been something I have mourned, celebrated, stressed over, reveled in, dreamed about and cried over. When I had my heart attack my first lucid thought was about running. My happiest moment of last year was crossing the finish line at the Women's Half in St Pete. I've met the best friends of my life through Marathonfest. My life hasn't been the same since running. As much as I whine and complain about mornings, or lament aches and pains, my life wouldn't be complete without this sport. I can't explain it, but it has become a part of me. So my heart aches for Boston tonight. Tomorrow morning I will run while thinking of those who are suffering tonight, feeling lucky that my running family is safe and sound. I hope everyone reading this is as lucky as I am. ♥  
[Photo via unknown]

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Challenge, Day 13: Color Me Rad

This morning I ran the Color Me Rad 5k. It's always weird to run these fun, untimed races because as runners we get so conditioned to sync our watches, look at our pace and be neurotic about our time. Today was not that kind of race. We ran, we danced, we acted a fool. I definitely burned some calories and it was definitely fun. ♥




Jo & I

Colorful chica

Friday, April 12, 2013

April Challenge, Day 12: TGI to the motha F

What a long, stressful week! Finally it's the weekend. Time for rest, relaxation, and...oh.... a race. I can't wait to run the Color Me Rad 5k tomorrow with some cool peeps. Time for colorful cornstarch bombs through the air and making myself into a human rainbow.

Today was a long, long, long day. Stress. To. The. Max. After leaving work I managed to get in a walk with my favorite pup to get my active session in for the day. We had a quick snugglefest and then I was out the door to meet my awesome friend Mike for Mexican and the Florida Film Festival. We saw "Mud" which was fantastically introspective. A real honest look on love and how it manifests.  Put it on your list.

Expect some cool, colorful pics tomorrow readers! ♥

Film Fest here I come!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Challenge, Day 11: Active Mind, Active Soul

This morning I actually woke up on time to run...but I didn't go. My body was desperately screaming out for more rest and I answered the call. My feet have been swollen and cramped and I've had a dull headache for a week now. Plus the back of my ankle is still sore from when I hit it with the bike pedal last weekend. So I made the decision to stay in bed and get 3 more hours of sleep.

Imagine what it looked like last weekend. This is progress.
Instead of having an active body, I nursed an active mind this afternoon. Jenni (check out her vegan cooking blog!) introduced me to a meet up for a local spiritual place that has yoga, meditation, past life regression and other awesome sessions. Today we went to the session on tapping into psychic intuition. It was just what my spinning mind needed. I was able to meditate on my current head space and I feel much more calm and ready to face life. Highly recommended. So my body might've taken a rest today but I feel healthier by far. ♥

My work from our session

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Challenge, Day 10: Stress, She Is A Cruel Mistress

Stress. We all have it, we all want it to go away. It consumes us, gives us aches and pains, toils with our emotions and makes our short time on this earth less joyful. Stress, she is a cruel mistress.

I am experiencing a serious amount of stress this week. Work, school and my numerous commitments to various causes have caused my feet to feel like cement blocks. When I am stressed, the tension goes right to my feet. I get cramps, swelling and a general heavy feeling. So much that I have a hard time walking, running or putting on most shoes. Strange but true. This week my wittle feetsies hurt.

To de-stress this evening I did one massive yoga session. I do a few key poses every morning but I was due for a long practice. I have an awesome app on my Mac that times out each pose. Tons of sun salutations, vinyasa flow style. Felt great. Extra long shavasana and I was feeling much better. Namaste readers. ♥

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Challenge, Day 9: Mile Repeats & Starbucks

I did it! I woke up on time! Made it to practice this morning for 2 miles. Mama definitely needed a Skinny Vanilla Latte. Mornings, pthhh.

Monday, April 8, 2013

April Challenge, Day 8: The Life of an Adult

Beside the fact that I passed out in a pool of my own drool on the couch last night, forgot to set my alarm, left my wet clothes in the washer and woke up with an imprint of my Kindle keyboard in my face, this morning started out well. I had every intention of getting up to workout before work but obviously that did not happen. Instead I showered, walked the dog and packed a horrible lunch with the speed of the Tasmanian devil and ran out the door barely clothed. I managed to fly into a parent-teacher conference, teach all day, work the after school program, run home to walk the dog and speed to H&R Block to get my taxes done. Then I returned my mother's frantic phone call, returned a dress, and picked up groceries. Finally I am home and sitting down. *WHEW* So it's almost 10:00 p.m. and I need to be up to run in the morning. No time to workout tonight but I can definitely say I was active. Time to grab a Gatorade and hit the showers...err...bed. G'night. ♥
Yeah kids, esp 6th grade Math ;) [photo via someecards]

Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Challenge, Day 7: MS Walk

Today was the MS Walk here in Orlando! I've been doing this Walk since I was a wee one. My dad has MS (Multiple Sclerosis) so this event has always been important to me. 3 mile walk to start the day AND fundraise for an important cause? I'm in! Shout out to Lina, Chris, Kathleen and Joe who walked with me. They are awesome.
(l-r): me, Chris, Max, Kathleen, Joe, Lina

Walking for Dad

Max and his Bieber Fever shirt

As always, Storm Troopers. Max. Was. Terrified.

That's us last year! GO CMS!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Challenge, Day 6: Rough Start

I have had this problem all of my life-I'm not a morning person. That is an understatement, let me try that again. I HATE MORNINGS. Hm, even that isn't strong enough. I don't hate many things, but mornings, going to the dentist and olives are right up at the top of the list. Running is a morning sport. We run early in the morning, before the sun comes out and the traffic picks up. Tuesdays and Thursdays I need to be at workouts by 5 a.m.. Yes that's right, 5:00. As in 2 hours before the official sunrise. I'm hit and miss-I will go a few weeks waking up on time and then I'll have a week where I sleep through my 16,398 alarms and barely make it to work on time.

Today I overslept. I was supposed to meet Amy for 6 miles at 6:00 a.m., then we would pick Kathleen up at 3 and run back. No go. I woke up to text messages at 6:00 on the dot. I. Was. So. Mad. So Amy ran to the 3 and Kathleen and I met her and ran the last 3 miles.

Helllooooo carrot
After running, we went on a bike ride. This is only the 2nd time I've been on a bike in my adult life, and the first time was around 12 miles. This time I made it 17 miles and only hurt myself once. Lesson learned-don't put your foot down when the pedals are still spinning. You'll get smacked on the back of the ankle. Oops. Also, I only got yelled at twice by other bikers for being on the wrong side of the trail. Ha.

All in all, a rough start but an active and heart-healthy morning. ♥
I'm on a bike!

Kathleen and Amy leading the way. Yes, I took this while moving! SKILLS!

Friday, April 5, 2013

April Challenge, Day 5: TGIF!

It's Friiiiday, Friiiiday! After a grueling week Friday felt oh so good. I am geared up for a run, bike ride and the MS Walk this weekend! Tonight Maxwell and I went on 1.5 mile walk. The weather is gorg!

P.S. Pink champagne that has hearts on it? Yeah, I bought that. ♥

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Challenge, Day 4: Day Of Reflection

Ok so epic fail on getting up this morning to run. I slept through text messages and 2 sets of alarms. Nice job Sarah. Narcoleptic, party of 1, your table is ready. I wonder sometimes.

I would have liked to work out tonight, but bigger things were already planned. This evening I took a tour of the Victim Service Center of Central Florida site where sexual assault victims can receive assistance. They help anywhere between 15-25 victims a month with everything from a medical exam/evidence collection to advocate assistance to clean clothes to mental health counseling. It was amazing! I'm on the fundraising committee for this fantastic organization. Don't know what it is? Check out their newest newsletter.

So, no serious physical activity today. I'm a little disappointed but I will make up for it this weekend. I've got a run, bike ride and the MS Walk planned so I will be plenty active. For tonight I will remain thankful for places like VSC and for the ability to help others. ♥
[photo via piccsy]

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Challenge, Day 3: National Walking Day

Happy National Walking Day! Max and I walked a mile around home (it's going to rain soon) and now he is pooped. Did anyone else walk?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Challenge, Day 2: Baby Got Track...& Cuddle Time

Day 2 people! This morning I ran 2 miles with Amy & Kathleen. Not our fastest pace, but we ran. It counts!

Oh yeahhhh. This is what I wore to run this AM. Love this shirt.
I had planned on going to BodyPump at the Y tonight, but when I got home this sweet little bundle of love was begging to be cuddled. He hasn't been a happy pup ever since I went back to work. Last night I left him for book club and I just couldn't do it again. So we took a long walk around the neighborhood together. Mission accomplished. ♥  

Darn it! HE'S GOOD!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Challenge, Day 1: Thanks Bob

Day 1 of my April Challenge! Already I'm exhausted. Who starts a challenge on the first day back to work from vacation, works 10 hours, goes to a book club meeting and then comes home to do Biggest Loser yoga at 9:30 pm?! This girl. Thanks Bob. ♥