Friday, March 22, 2013

Pure Exhaustion & Other Tales From A Hypochondriac

So right before my heart attacks last year I was exhausted. Not the ooh-this-couch-is-comfy exhausted or the man-I-could-use-a-nap exhausted, but the omg-this-doorknob-needs-to-turn-itself exhausted. It literally pained me to shampoo my hair in the morning because lifting my arms required way too much energy. I bought school lunch more times in those few weeks than I ever have in my life (with good reason). I slept 10, 12, sometimes even 14+ hours a night and nothing helped. So when I say exhaustion, I really mean deflated, blob of a human being exhaustion.

This week I've been feeling the same way. I haven't wanted to blog (sorry!), eat, shop (except online--guiiillllty), write, run, talk or generally do anything. I skipped last weekend's run and Tuesday's run. Thursday was nothing to write home about either. Last night I slept a good 9 hours. Since today is my first day of spring break (amen, hallelujah) I decided to shuffle out to the couch and catch up on the DVR. I passed out again, only to wake up to Chelsea Lately blaring on the TV at 1:30 p.m.. Yes that's right. If my Math skills serve me, I slept around 13 hours last night and this morning. So you'd think at 1:30 I'd hop up off the couch and start the day right? Heck no. I cat napped and played Song Pop, taking breaks to read the 538,284 books I have started over the last 6 months. Finally at 5 I got up off my butt, showered, and ran errands.

So these are the mundane details that make me paranoid. I feel a litttttlllee like a hypochondriac these days. Why am I so dang tired? Sure school is exhausting and getting a doctorate is no walk in the park but this is ridic. Am I just stressed out or is it something more? I thought I was getting better at not flinching when any little pain occurs, but this is a good reminder for me that something major has happened to my body and I need to take inventory when something familiar occurs. So it's spring break. Let the late nights and late mornings commence. Maybe a cat nap here and there too. Stay well. ♥

Max enjoying my new memory foam pillow

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