Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Heart Healthy 10k

Yes, yes I know. I haven't blogged in a week and a half. So unlike me. Lay the guilt on thick. :) Prepare for 3 entries today.

The Heart Healthy 10k is over and done with! I got to run with Kathleen and Joe which was awesome. Lina and Chris were great support! Lina took some amazing pictures too! I was able to speak before the 10k and even met a woman who had a stroke at 34. Inspiring? Oh yes. ♥  
Fly shirt

Yeah, we're cute

Too early!

Kathleen enacting her Rocky dreams

We're off!

On the road again...

DONE! 1:23

Rocking race bling

Can't take life too seriously!

Who had a 4 on her bib? This girl!

What? It was there!

Yes, yes I do.


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