Friday, March 8, 2013

El Doctor

Today I had my follow up with the cardiologist. No real news. I get to stay on the same meds for awhile since everything seems good. I need to stay with my heart rate max (160 with the occasional 170) and monitor that with my Garmin when I run. So I guess no news is good news. Back in 6 months. The nuclear test I had done in the hospital in January shows my EF is a 60. That means I am in the normal range. Who me, normal? ;) ♥

Let's hope not. Thanks waiting room.

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  1. I just wanted to say, "hi". I am 34 years old, I had a 100% blockage in LAD last year. I never thought it could happen to me either. I am glad to see you are doing well!! I couldn't find the button to follow your blog so I added it to my fav list so I can check in.