Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weight & My April Challenge

Let's have a quick ♥ to ♥ readers, no pun intended. A year and 2 months before my heart attack I turned 30. After taking a celebratory trip to Key West with friends, I looked at the pictures and was HORRIFIED. I was fat. I knew I was chunky but the pictures jolted me into a reality check. So the first thing I did was sign up for my first race-Warrior Dash on January 29th. Thank goodness I did because it set off my love for running and my path to better health. I've been an avid yoga lover for 10 years now and had a decent diet but I worked on portion control and stress relief. Over the course of 2011 I lost 28 lbs by running, logging my food, meditating and getting more sleep. Since the heart attack I've lost 11 more. My goal? Another 24. That would give me a total of 63 lbs since Key West and turning 30.

Sometimes I blame myself for the heart attack, since I've always been horrible with self-esteem and body issues. I've asked my cardiologist countless times if my extra weight contributed to what happened. It could have, but most likely I am a freak of nature in the medical world. Even more probable is the stress I had been experiencing. Anomaly status does not give me peace of mind however. I want to do everything I can possibly do to prevent further heart problems and to improve myself, head to toe.

Since these last 24 lbs aren't coming off very easily, I'm taking on a challenge for the month of April and also extending this challenge to you, my readers. I'm pledging to do something active each day of this month. Whether it's a walk, run, yoga session, or swim (ha, good one...I can't swim) let's all get out and be active. April is the most stressful month of the year for me, so I'm hoping this challenge will a.) combat the insane amount of cortisol pumping through my body & b.) help jumpstart a little weight loss. Plus, who doesn't love a good challenge? Post your activities in my comments section and let's get moving! ♥

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Throwback Pic!

This card has been on my refrigerator since last spring. Thought I'd share, since I got a good chuckle from it this morning. Drive on...♥

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pure Exhaustion & Other Tales From A Hypochondriac

So right before my heart attacks last year I was exhausted. Not the ooh-this-couch-is-comfy exhausted or the man-I-could-use-a-nap exhausted, but the omg-this-doorknob-needs-to-turn-itself exhausted. It literally pained me to shampoo my hair in the morning because lifting my arms required way too much energy. I bought school lunch more times in those few weeks than I ever have in my life (with good reason). I slept 10, 12, sometimes even 14+ hours a night and nothing helped. So when I say exhaustion, I really mean deflated, blob of a human being exhaustion.

This week I've been feeling the same way. I haven't wanted to blog (sorry!), eat, shop (except online--guiiillllty), write, run, talk or generally do anything. I skipped last weekend's run and Tuesday's run. Thursday was nothing to write home about either. Last night I slept a good 9 hours. Since today is my first day of spring break (amen, hallelujah) I decided to shuffle out to the couch and catch up on the DVR. I passed out again, only to wake up to Chelsea Lately blaring on the TV at 1:30 p.m.. Yes that's right. If my Math skills serve me, I slept around 13 hours last night and this morning. So you'd think at 1:30 I'd hop up off the couch and start the day right? Heck no. I cat napped and played Song Pop, taking breaks to read the 538,284 books I have started over the last 6 months. Finally at 5 I got up off my butt, showered, and ran errands.

So these are the mundane details that make me paranoid. I feel a litttttlllee like a hypochondriac these days. Why am I so dang tired? Sure school is exhausting and getting a doctorate is no walk in the park but this is ridic. Am I just stressed out or is it something more? I thought I was getting better at not flinching when any little pain occurs, but this is a good reminder for me that something major has happened to my body and I need to take inventory when something familiar occurs. So it's spring break. Let the late nights and late mornings commence. Maybe a cat nap here and there too. Stay well. ♥

Max enjoying my new memory foam pillow

Friday, March 8, 2013

El Doctor

Today I had my follow up with the cardiologist. No real news. I get to stay on the same meds for awhile since everything seems good. I need to stay with my heart rate max (160 with the occasional 170) and monitor that with my Garmin when I run. So I guess no news is good news. Back in 6 months. The nuclear test I had done in the hospital in January shows my EF is a 60. That means I am in the normal range. Who me, normal? ;) ♥

Let's hope not. Thanks waiting room.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today Amy and I ran the famous Yasso 800s. Not to brag but we were speedy. Check it out baby! No walking! 4 800s! Suck it track! ♥

Enough calories for my grande skinny vanilla latte! ;)

Oh yeah, there she is. Heaven.

I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little

This was the week of blood. Yesterday I was running and got into an altercation with a prickly beast of a plant. I looked down quick and saw this. Where is the blood coming from? Ah yes, my hand. The thing is to someone who doesn't take blood thinners this seems like nothing. To me it requires me to apply a ridiculous amount of pressure to stop the bleeding. Of course this was nothing compared to the other incident...

What the-?!
Good thing I was at 5 miles!
The foot was another story. I looked down while on my planning period last week and noticed a pool of blood on the floor. Who knows what happened! This picture was taken after I emptied my shoe out with blood and after I tried to stop the bleeding with a bandaid. You can see how successful I was. Sheesh. Dear blood, give me a week off. Thanks, moi. ♥

Heart Healthy 10k

Yes, yes I know. I haven't blogged in a week and a half. So unlike me. Lay the guilt on thick. :) Prepare for 3 entries today.

The Heart Healthy 10k is over and done with! I got to run with Kathleen and Joe which was awesome. Lina and Chris were great support! Lina took some amazing pictures too! I was able to speak before the 10k and even met a woman who had a stroke at 34. Inspiring? Oh yes. ♥  
Fly shirt

Yeah, we're cute

Too early!

Kathleen enacting her Rocky dreams

We're off!

On the road again...

DONE! 1:23

Rocking race bling

Can't take life too seriously!

Who had a 4 on her bib? This girl!

What? It was there!

Yes, yes I do.