Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Damn Race Half Mary

Today I ran the Best Damn Race Half Marathon. Friday night Amanda, Leah, Maxwell Usher and I headed out to Clearwater to stay the night at Amanda's parents house (shout out to the Davis abode). Check out what they still have...the Babysitters Club game! Side ponies rockin', we played the heck out of that thing. Leah won.
Time to reread the books. Too fantastic.
Saturday morning we got up bright and early to head for Safety Harbor. The weather was perfect-cold and dry.
The crew at the start (l-r): me looking cray, Amy, Leah, Amanda
No "4" in my bib this time!
We were off. The course was surprisingly hilly. It also weaved through parks and trails. Watch out for gators, y'all!

Say what?!
Amy and I started out running for fun not time, but we managed to come in at 3:00 anyways. Not bad, not bad. All in all, a good race. Hospital bed to half marathon! 
P.S. Did I mention Max made an escape a few minutes after we left and climbed into bed with Amanda's parents? What a mama's boy.♥

Who got beer openers as medals? These girls.

Side note: Found this on the windshield of the car. Ha.

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