Saturday, February 23, 2013

Come Out To Port Orange tomorrow!

Ok runners! Tomorrow is the day! I will be in Port Orange FL to speak at the I Love Running/Palmer Chiropractic Clinics Healthy Heart 10k/5k tomorrow! I will be saying a few words before the 10k starts and also at the 5k awards ceremony! I can't wait to see you all! Stay tuned for my post on my experience! ♥

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Week in Pics

My week in pictures. Oy.
My baby got his hair did.

Is it just me or are there a ton of songs right now that refer to heart attacks?

Pardon the pedi, but I got bit by some nasty bug this past weekend and needed antibiotics and a shot of steroids. Hey at least it wasn't heart related!


This week I had an exam due for my doc program. This picture basically sums up any time outside of work this week. Yikes.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Victory Breakfast

This morning I met Kathleen at CW for 6 miles. Bright and early baby! Then it was time for the annual Victory Breakfast for Marathonfest. Last year's breakfast was literally the day after I got out of the hospital. I had to be driven there (boo for no driving) and I was pretty much in a tearful daze the entire 2 hours. I remember just sobbing through most of the stories, thinking I was never going to run again. I was still shell-shocked. This year was tearful but for totally different reasons.
Last year's breakfast. Note the red eyes.

This year, I felt a little numb (story of my life lately). I was given a "Best Comeback" award, which was extremely strange. I had this weird out of body experience as I was walking up to the front. Here were 3 other ladies in front of me. 2 of them weren't familiar to me but the other girl was about my age and had a brain tumor last year. Now she's running Boston for charity and awareness. So I began to feel self-conscious and wondered what everyone was thinking when they looked at me.

I was shaken out of my numbness by the story of one of our fellow runners who lost his battle with cancer last year. His wife delivered an elegant, sweet yet funny story about him which caused me an immense amount of survivor's guilt. Not that what I went through is anywhere similar to the fight he endured but the issue of surviving...why me and not him? Why any of us? Why am I getting so darn deep in this blog entry?? Hm. As we listened to this amazing story, I glanced out of the corner of my eye at Kathleen, who had tears in her eyes too. She simply said at the end of the breakfast, "we're lucky."

Amanda, me, Kathleen (Leah was there too!)
Of course there is no shortage of survivors amongst Track Shack runners. Gloria is a breast cancer survivor who kicks butt on a daily basis. Talk about a tough cookie! As we are heading out to the parking lot she ushers me over to her car and gives me this amazing yoga mat bag she made herself. Brave AND talented! Of course I tell her she doesn't need to give me anything, but she says that I'm an inspiration and she wanted to. The waterworks start again. I'm surrounded by inspiring people. Survivors. Who inspires you? ♥

Contact my girl Gloria for one--I'm in love!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Damn Race Half Mary

Today I ran the Best Damn Race Half Marathon. Friday night Amanda, Leah, Maxwell Usher and I headed out to Clearwater to stay the night at Amanda's parents house (shout out to the Davis abode). Check out what they still have...the Babysitters Club game! Side ponies rockin', we played the heck out of that thing. Leah won.
Time to reread the books. Too fantastic.
Saturday morning we got up bright and early to head for Safety Harbor. The weather was perfect-cold and dry.
The crew at the start (l-r): me looking cray, Amy, Leah, Amanda
No "4" in my bib this time!
We were off. The course was surprisingly hilly. It also weaved through parks and trails. Watch out for gators, y'all!

Say what?!
Amy and I started out running for fun not time, but we managed to come in at 3:00 anyways. Not bad, not bad. All in all, a good race. Hospital bed to half marathon! 
P.S. Did I mention Max made an escape a few minutes after we left and climbed into bed with Amanda's parents? What a mama's boy.♥

Who got beer openers as medals? These girls.

Side note: Found this on the windshield of the car. Ha.


February 1st was National Go Red for Women Day! My school did an awesome job of going red! Students passed out heart ribbons, wore red and even signed a banner pledging to be heart healthy!

Amanda & I rockin' red
Even my nails were did...check out the sweet earrings
I asked my Facebook peeps to post a pic to my wall of them wearing red. Thanks to everyone who participated! Let's spread the message about heart disease! #gored ♥





Alyssa, my little sis

Max supports Mommy




Jen & students


Kristin's red nails