Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution, Schmesolution

Ready for a new year!
It's 2013! I can't believe it's here! I hope everyone had an amazing New Year's Eve. I know I did.

2013 has already started on an amazing high. Remember Nurse Linda? The nurse who I'm pretty sure was an angel and took amazing care of me during my stay at the hospital? Well I sent her a text message this morning to tell her 2013 wouldn't have been possible without her. She wrote me back the most lovely message with the kindest words. I won't share it here because some things are sacred, and I will treasure it forever. But trust me, it was awesome. :)

I've been reading a lot of messages and tweets about resolutions. Resolutions are amazing-they motivate, hold people accountable and give you a goal to strive for. But I think my resolution is not to have a resolution this year. I've spent 2012 turning my life upside down, and this year I'd just like to enjoy it. I've never been so content with life so something must be going right. I'll keep running, eating well, meditating, living life and being an advocate for heart health because that's ME now and hopefully forever. I hope whatever your resolution is that it makes you happier and healthier. Go 2013! ♥

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  1. 2013 is surely going to be a special one and a note of thanks to that nurse too
    enjoy your days...
    New Year wishes