Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Call Me LiLo

Ok, who really gets hospitalized for dehydration? Lindsay Lohan that's who. I used to be highly critical of Lindsay, but now I feel her pain.

Sunday we came home from watching the marathon and I completely passed out. Half an hour later I woke up from my deep sleep to make a run for the bathroom. I was sicker than a dog all afternoon and all night. The next day I started to get a little panicky and called my cardiologist. The nurse told me to go to my PCP to rule out the flu. Appointment was made and I was out the door. The doc gave me an EKG which came back abnormal so they had to send me to the E.R...lovely.

Short story? Admitted, tested, rested. I had tachycardia, which is basically my heart beating too fast. Not sure which came first, the dehydration or the tachycardia, but that was the situation. So I spent a night at the bed and breakfast and came home Tuesday night. Pretty annoyed at the entire situation so now I'm drinking liquids like a motha. Remind me to tweet LiLo an apology. #LiLoH2ORMC ♥

Return of the Heart Guardians

Yes, this again

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