Friday, January 4, 2013

Healthy Heart Run Walk 2013-See You There!

Readers, you are amazing. You've hung with me through the good and the bad, sent some amazingly encouraging emails my way and have been so supportive. I am truly thankful for you. Some of you have sent me stories of survival, some of loss. Regardless, many of us share a common thread-the heart. Some of us have had it attacked, some have watched others suffer. This year it is my mission to be an advocate for heart health and to use my new heart for what it is Time for those of us who are lucky enough to be here to reach out to others and spread compassion.

One way we can do this is support great causes. So readers, I have something for you today. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic Healthy Heart Walk/Run is right around the corner. There are 2 races- one in Port Orange, FL on February 24th and one in Lake Mary, FL on April 21st. Both events offer a 1 mile run, 5k or 10k so they're great for all runners! My friend Amanda emailed the director of the race to find out more about the medals (they're a heart!) and mentioned this blog. Turns out they've asked me to speak at the Port Orange race! I will be speaking right before the start! What an honor! I will also be running both 10k races. I. Am. Psyched.

This amazing race can be on your race schedule this year as well. If you register for the Port Orange race use the discount code "sarah13" which will give you five dollars off your registration for the next 15 days only! Proceeds benefit the American Heart Association so I hope to see you there! ♥

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