Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disney Weekend-Part One

So while Amanda, Elie, Amy, Gloria and Leah tackle the Goofy Challenge this weekend, I ran 6 with Kathleen. Today the Goofy ladies ran the Half and tomorrow we're going to support them for the full (stay tuned for pics on Sunday!). Sure my 6 sounds miniscule next to their 39.3. Sure my watch beeped every bloody second this morning. Sure I look like a drowned rat that has just come back from the dead when I'm done. However, I have to remember how lucky I am. To pep me up a bit I ran my stats from 2012 on Daily Mile. I ran 322 miles this year. Seems insignificant to some runners, but to me this is huge. It really helped put things into perspective. So today I send well wishes to our Goofy peeps and to all of you. We are all truly lucky to be around. What do you feel lucky for today? ♥

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  1. Way to go, Sarah! I really admire you for how you've dealt with your recovery. Congratulations on all of your hard earned miles!