Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon (aka SUCK IT Heart Attack!)

*Photo creds to Chris, Kathleen, Leah and Amanda*

After a 17 hour nap, a massage and 2 bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I finally feel mentally and physically able to compose this posting. Side note: if you're going to take a 17 hour nap, alert your closest friends so they don't think you've kicked it when you don't respond to their frantic text messages.

I DID IT! I beat my Daytona Half Marathon time from last fall! I finished the Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon this past weekend in 2:56:46. For some runners that time may seem slow and like nothing to get excited over, but for my behind it's big stuff.

Friday morning I woke up to a very sicky Maxwell. After rushing him to the vet, I worried all day until the vet called to tell me he had pancreatitis. My poor baby! I cried for the remainder of the day because 1.) he was in a lot of pain and 2.) I didn't know what to do about St Pete. The vet said to wait and make any decisions in the morning so I snuggled in not knowing what the morning would bring. Max cried most of the night so I barely got any sleep. Luckily in the morning he was feeling much better.

Poor little boo boo
My friend Mike still agreed to dog sit (thank you Dr. Mike!) and the vet said he should be fine, so I packed Madeline's meds, Max's meds (crap, did I remember MY meds?!) and headed for the door. My worrying started to melt away as soon as we saw the water. St Pete or bust!
On our way! Look at that Gulf weather!
First on the agenda was a stop at the expo. Bib, check. Adorable SweatyBand with hearts on it? Check. New iFitness belt? Check and check. I was all geared up and getting excited. We decided to have dinner at The Columbia (one of Amanda's favorite places) and celebrate the big weekend.
The Pier - Columbia Restaurant
The gorgeous view at The Pier

We'll be running down the Pier in the AM

Actin' a fool

Gotta stay hydrated!

<3 these ladies (l-r: Amanda, Leah, me, Kathleen)
After dinner Kathleen, Chris and I headed back to the hotel. This hotel was totally haunted. Some of you will think I'm crazy but I shot this video on my iPhone. Check out the lights! All the blinds were down and the lights were off. Anyone got any other explanation? Super creepy. So the ghosts and I settled down for our Half Marathon Eve slumber.

Time to get up and face the race! The weather was a little chilly (by Florida standards) but I was loving it. Perfect temp for my Northern body. We headed for corral 4!

We're in there, I swear!
Da crew. 

Let's do this!
Hey look, it's Betty and Gloria!
We were off! The first few miles felt great! I felt energetic, light on my feet and ready to conquer the race. Then at about mile 9 my heart rate stopped cooperating. No matter what I did it just wouldn't go down. So some extra walk breaks were thrown in there. Even though Amanda, Kathleen and Leah tried to reassure me I was super nervous that I wouldn't make it. We made it through Tropicana Field and then something awesome happened-we saw the 3:00 pace leader (who happened to be preggo and barely breaking a sweat, PS)! We made our way in front of her and I felt better. As long as I was in front of her I knew I was ok.

Running antics
About to run through Tropicana Field

Guess what? We made it!! 2:56:46 is my official time. This is also a PR for Kathleen too! I wouldn't have made it without the ladies. I was pretty much discouraged from the start and they kept telling me to worry about my heart rate, they would worry about the rest. Thank goodness they were there! 

Race bling, baby!

Hard to see, but I sewed a heart patch on the inside of my shirt for good luck

BLING! This medal had a removable charm!

Official time! 
I bought myself a Tiffany's heart necklace (pink and silver) and didn't open it until after the race. Then I put my charm on it. Pardon the wet hair but I was so darn excited to have it on.

Necklace reward
So it's over. I won't play Aesop on you and give you the moral of the story, but I will say that I'm excited to see what the future holds. I may not be the fastest chick on the course, but I finished. It's only been 10 months since my heart attack and I'm getting better. Onward. ♥  

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