Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My stomach is turning. My head is killing me. I just ate waffles for dinner. 
It must be nerves. 

The Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon in St Pete is THIS SUNDAY. As in THIS WEEKEND. As in November 18th. Crapola. I am terrified, excited, anxious and gloriously happy, all rolled into one little knot in my stomach. I've had horrific nightmares and deliriously happy dreams this week about running. I even went so far as to give myself a pinched nerve in my shoulder blade from the stress (which still hurts by the way). Most days I've woken up late and most nights I've fallen asleep hours before bedtime.

And for what? A race. A run. A Sunday morning stroll. For most runners this would be just another race. For me it's a milestone. Just over a year ago I completed my first half marathon and now, just 9 months after my heart attack, I will complete another. My time in Daytona was 3:03. My perfectionist, stubborn self would love to beat this time and come in under 3 hours. My logical side (a much smaller occupant of my brain) says that I'm crazy and should just enjoy it and be thankful. So who knows which voice will win. Stay tuned... ♥

Before the Daytona Half
Lucky running number 4! ANOTHER ONE! AAAANNND corral 4!

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