Thursday, November 8, 2012

9 Month Checkup

Today was my 9 month appointment with the cardiologist. Wait, shouldn't I have a baby by now? I digress. Basically it went well. Blood pressure looks good, I haven't turned into a droid yet and Dr. K knows all about my half marathon. So things are looking up! I have an echocardiogram scheduled for later this month to get an updated EF (ejection fraction for you crazy kids who don't speak heart attack). I'm really hoping it's gone up dramatically. After the heart attack my EF was 35%, which was borderline defibrillator. By April (I found out thanks to my fun little stay back at the bed and breakfast) my EF had increased to 40%. A normal EF is between 55-70% so I still have a long way to go. But, I'm working hard and hoping it will pay off. Dr K did put me on a new medication (yeah, that makes 10 now...sheesh) called Niaspan, or Niacin. It's supposed to help with these sticky particles my body calls blood and fights excess cholesterol. Although my cholesterol is fine, I do have the weird kind of blood that clumps easily. A side effect of Niacin? Facial flushing. Fantastic. For everyone who knows how pale I am and how easily I blush, that'll be ah-dorable.
photo via cartoon stock

As a side note, November rocks. Lady Speed Stick St Pete Half Marathon in 10 days (HOLY CRAP--10?!!) and my 32nd birthday in 20 days. The weather is amazingly refreshing, Obama has been reelected, and I am able to wear boots without sweating my tookus off. Life. Is. Good. ♥
photo via lululemon


  1. You're coming along just grand Sarah. I have a windowsill stacked with all my empty prescription bottles to mark my progress. We are on a Life Track now and the fact that you are doing a half marathon this upcoming weekend is a gold star for you being a strong young woman who is taking charge of her Life.

  2. Thanks Betty! Life Track is right girl! Time to kick some St Pete tail! :)