Sunday, November 4, 2012

12 miles?!

There are 2 more weeks until the Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon in St Pete! Today was our 12 mile training run. I have to admit, it wasn't terrible. I tried these sport beans (Jelly Belly) that I found at the Track Shack. If you can get past the ungodly strong taste of a watermelon karate chopping your uvula then you should try them. They had a little bit of caffeine in them and kept me going for the full run. Definitely a keeper. Minus getting a little lost on the golf course route, we did pretty well. I had a mini breakdown after we finished when I looked at my time and realized I wasn't going to beat my Daytona Half time from last year. I walked off the tears, trying to be thankful I was running at all, but my impatient nature got the best of me. It's hard to accept that it's going to take me awhile to bounce back. I want so badly to be faster, stronger and more energetic but I have to remember my limits. So little impatient me is off to take a nap with the fuzzy babies. Time to reset and relax. ♥
photo via daily mile

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