Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Y'know What I Just Realized?

I haven't cried in weeks! WEEKS! There were days this year where I didn't go an hour without moisture on my eyeball. I realized this last week but thought maybe it was just a fluke. Definitely not a fluke...maybe I'm back to my callused self. ;)

Here is a list off the top of my head of the ridiculous things that have made me cry this year...in no particular order.

  • watching an old woman cross the street
  • forgetting to give the dog fresh water in the morning
  • my gas light turning on
  • any dog or cat abused on the news...any story...any of them...including that darn Sarah Mclachlan SPCA commercial
  • new shirts getting snagged by my desk at work
  • mornings...enough said
  • returning a shirt to the store because it was too big (helllooooooo!)
  • a smudged toenail
  • sappy commercials
  • sappy shows
  • sappy movies (get the pattern?)
  • updating my mac 
  • updating my iPhone
  • looking at my planner and feeling overwhelmed
Aaaand perhaps the most ridiculous one of all?
  • burning a grilled cheese sandwich
I'm sure there are tons more but these are just the first few that come to mind. Maybe my hormones are starting to simmer down! I even made it to Walgreens tonight and walked past the sympathy greeting cards without a meltdown! Time to take the tissues out of my purse! ♥

[photo via nbu]

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