Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tired & Topless

I love sleep...maybe a little too much. Somehow I managed to oversleep 2 days this week. Tuesday I got texts from the running chicas saying everyone was sleeping in so I passed back out without even responding. Of course then I overslept for work but managed to get there looking only mildly like I was hit by a truck. So Kathleen and I ran that night. Running when it's day time? Totally weird, I definitely felt like a vampire. But we did it. Thursday I managed to get up (go me!) but today I overslept again. I slept through 2 text messages and 3 alarms. Running fail. The only thing that woke me up was Kathleen calling me to see if I was on my way. Ha. So I flailed around around trying to get ready, only to leave without wearing a shirt and my left contact. No bueno. Back inside I went to get decent and finally make my way out the door. My goal for the next week? Stay fully clothed and wake up on time. Sad but true. ♥
Not bad considering I was part zombie this week
love this <3

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