Sunday, October 14, 2012

Same Same But Different

The phrase "same same but different" was something Jo and I heard every 5 minutes when we traveled to Thailand back in 2008. It took us the entire vacation and some googling when we returned home to discover that this phrase pretty much means anything. You'd like a soda? Same same but different. A ride in a tuk-tuk? Same same but different. You are trapped in your hotel because of a monsoon (true story)? Same same but different. It wasn't until this weekend that I remembered this catchy little number.
Ah the life in Patong Beach

Plane Shenanigans
This weekend was my 2nd 10 mile run. It felt different-my energy level was higher, I wasn't sore at all, I even made it through using half of a Clif Gu that was like eating raspberry vaseline...ew. So I was convinced that this run was way better than the last. The result? Same same but different. The joke was on me. ♥

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