Saturday, September 1, 2012

Is This Thing On?!

Today was my first run where my heart rate monitor didn't beep! Hallelujah, praise the running and cardiac gods! I. Am. Stoked. I've had my monitor set to beep if my heart rate goes over 150, since that was the number that Cardiac Rehab calculated for me with my beta blockers. Usually the sucker goes off around 2 miles and I end up yelling expletives into the early morning air. This morning I kept waiting for it....waiting for it....and NOTHING. Don't get me wrong, I came close. What a freeing feeling! So either my heart is getting healthier or I'm officially a robot. I say C, all of the above. Total was 6 miles, slow and steady.
Part 1 - 4 miles

Part 2 - 2 more miles

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