Sunday, September 16, 2012

Greater Orlando Heart Walk

The day finally arrived! Yesterday was the Greater Orlando Heart Walk! I have been fundraising like crazy and ended up with a grand total of $765.00! Not bad, not bad! 

As I previously said in a post, this event has given me a little agita since I signed up for it. I worried that I would be emotional but really this Walk turned out to be the best thing for me. There were over 20,000 walkers and you could almost feel the happiness and inspiration everyone walked with. The weight of this event quickly went away when I saw my amazing friends who walked to support me and to honor family members that were taken too soon. We looked adorable.

The crew. L-R: me, Jessica, Amanda, Jo, Leah, Amy, Elie, Kathleen
My survivor hat.

My awesome custom t-shirt. It got tons of looks.
The back. Pardon the was a hot morning in CFL.
Amanda and Jo rocked their heart guardian shirts.
Ok, let's do this!
So we walked. We did a lot of laughing, crying, swearing, sweating and general foolishness. We even stopped at 7-11 for slurpees. For once I didn't feel like I stuck out for a bad reason, or that I was weak. It was actually kind of empowering. If you tell my therapist I said this, I will deny it. Ha. I knew I was going to have a sign on the walk with my name and picture on it so we kept our eyes open. Right around 2 miles, there it was!
Me Plus my slurpee (sugar free folks, don't get it twisted).
Me and my heart guardians. Jo raised $865.00!

I had decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to do something to honor loved ones that weren't able to go on the walk. So I got candles for Jo's mom and grandmother and Kathleen's father. Then I gave them the same scents to take home. Here I am trying to set fire to the neighborhood.

Don't tell Smokey the Bear.

In honor of them.

No caption needed.
So we kept walking. Through the beautiful neighborhoods of Orlando and towards the end...or was it the beginning. Maybe a little of both. ♥
At one point we were at the end of the pack. Y'know I love a good cop reference.
Central Florida Accordian Club...rock on my Eastern Euro brotha.


  1. Next year, I'll be with you on your walk!!

  2. <3 you Gloria! Glad to see you're rocking blog comments now! :)