Saturday, September 22, 2012

First 10 Miler!

What a week. I've been on a blogging-obsessive kick ever since the CFLBlogCon. I've updated my twitter, my pinterest, and I've even created a media kit! On. A. Roll. In between teaching, working the YMCA after school program, doc work and breathing, I've also had a lot on my mind. Running has been stressing me out quite a bit. I've been self conscious about my time, my intervals and my distances. I've definitely been slacking because of it. This week I decided to get my focus on again. Tuesday everyone was sore from last weekend so that was a no go. Thursday Kathleen and I rocked out 4 miles and I was feeling slightly better. Today was the jackpot....drumroll please....I finished my first 10 miler since the heart attacks! Double digits ba-by! My heart rate monitor seemed to go off at every interval but when I looked at my Garmin data, it seems pretty consistent. This is a big confidence booster. Lady Speed Stick Half Mary here I come! ♥  
Suck on that heart!

14 miles in 2 runs? I'll take it!

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