Sunday, September 16, 2012


My day didn't end with the Greater Orlando Heart Walk. Oh, no it was just beginning! I still was scheduled to attend the Central Florida Blogger's Conference (CFLBlogCon). I definitely thought I was going to be a fish out of water at this event. I have only been blogging since February and the whole penny I've made from my measly advertisements wouldn't allow me to quit my job and swim in a Scrooge McDuck money pit. So I worried I would have nothing to say and be surrounded by bloggers who were at the top of their game. All I really wanted to get out of the conference was to figure out how to reach more readers and where I should go from here. Science Center here I come! I guess I should preface this post by saying that I wrote 2 entries about the Greater Orlando Heart Walk and submitted them for the CFLBlogCon/Rollins College "Blogging For Good" contest. There were 5 organizations you could blog about and there was a $100 prize for one from each organization plus one person would win an iPad.
Entering the unknown.

Oh yeah, that's the one.
So I started out the day by stripping in my car and changing into something a little more conference appropriate and then going to the keynote speech. Here was my schedule after that. After going to these amazing sessions I am working on getting this baby up to snuff with a Media Kit and Twitter.

Media Kit session was exactly what I needed! On to lunch.
There was a serious amount of paella for lunch. Those silver serving vats in the background? Paella. And Yams.

Ok don't hate me but I skipped the last 3 sessions to get a chair massage and to check out other people's blogs online. Totally worth it.
Frankly, the reason I even signed up for this conference was for the "Blogging for a Cause" session. It was presented by Laura, who blogs about her experience with and advocacy for Spina Bifida. Her blog,, is amazing. I got a chance to talk to her and pick her brain a little. Totally worth my conference fee.

After the sessions we had niche breakout sessions. I ended up networking with employees from Rollins, Second Harvest Food Bank, Orange County Library, and Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital. Fantastic ideas, fantastic people. All in all a successful day. 2 offers to guest blog on someone else's blog, and an offer for a speaking event. Then came the after party...

P.S. At this point of the day I was in desperate need of a nap.

So the last order of business was the after party. Guess who has 2 thumbs and won the Greater Orlando Heart Walk blog award? THIS GIRL! So I walked away from the day with $100 card, new friends, new networking contacts and an idea for a book...successful day? I'd say so. ♥  

As they say on Cribs, this is where the magic happens. ;)

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