Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Running Buddies=No Fun

After all of the fun I had on Saturday, I was scheduled to run 10 miles with the crew Sunday morning. I didn't make it. I completely overslept, and woke up at 5:15, just 10 minutes from when I should've been standing in front of Panera in the dark. Epic running fail. Instead of just laying on my tired behind (which was mighty tempting) I got myself up and went 10 the heat. I now value the moments in the early mornings when we can't see a foot in front of our faces and blindly run into the night. The sun was brutal this morning. Also I forgot to take my meds before leaving and my heart rate was high, so I did a lot of walking. But I made it through 7.11 miles...not bad. It's not the 10 that I should have done, but way better than staying in bed and rotting. It was also hard running without my running buddies. No one to joke with and left alone with my thoughts...scary place. I need to be more consistent next week, whether I am tired or not. Onward. ♥
9 for the week. Time to get consistent again.

Mornings...fake 'em until you make 'em.

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