Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let Me Catch My Breath

I write this blog from the comfort of my bed. Not because it's night time, but because I am friggin' exhausted. This week was the first with students which is always a whirlwind. --Side note: I already love all of them. They are witty, smart and adorable. This is going to be a great year, I can just tell already.-- On top of this crazy week I also started my first semester as an official doctorate student. Ed.S. conferred, time for that blasted dissertation. This semester I'm taking Advanced Dissertation Seminar and Qualitative Research. And yes, they are as thrilling as you think they are. So yesterday I had to drive down to Naples for a class meeting. After sitting in class all day, it was Trader Joe's and a long drive home in iffy weather (thanks Issac). Then I find out that my friend's house got broken into and I now have her bunny staying in my apartment until she returns from her trip. Then this morning I got up (barely) and ran 8 miles with the running chicas. Add a book club meeting and hurricane shopping to this week and you have yourself a blog entry. Want the Cliff Notes version?

school = good kids, stressful for other reasons
doctorate = hit the ground running
hurricane = coming
book club = awesome times, highlight of my week
bunny = adorable but sharp teeth
running = had an ouchie at mile 2 today but kept going

I think that sums it up. Now please excuse me while I pass out for a little while. The bunny will be taking my calls for the next few hours. I will then commence panicking about Hurricane Issac. ♥
[photo via florida today...As a friend said, Issac must be a Democrat;)]

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