Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ed.S. and Bloody Shoes

What a week.

Between dealing with severe anxiety and the end of the semester at UF, it was a rough one. I took a couple days off of running last week to get some sleep and refocus. But now exams are done and as I write this the graduation ceremony at UF is beginning. So as of today I have my Ed.S. and next stop is Dr. Klena! 

Running wise, this week kicked booty. I'm still sloth like in my pace and walking more than I'd like, but my heart rate is much happier and so am I. I clocked in at 17 miles this week, which includes a speed walking session with Amy on Wednesday. I even made it through 6 miles today so things are looking up. Minus a funky toe issue on Thursday (check out my nasty shoe pic) I'm feeling good. Time to get some R&R before school starts up again on Monday. ♥

If anyone needs my DNA, here ya go. Ouchie.
17, baby! Progress!

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