Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to School & Celebration of Running 5k

This week was the first week back to school for pre-planning. I went from napping after running and gratuitous yoga to packing a lunch and sitting in meetings. Oh how I miss those afternoons on the couch. Those were the days. Regardless, I'm glad to be back and feeling useful again. What I was not prepared for was how stinkin' exhausted I would be. I. Am. Beat. Each day I would come home and just crash, barely peeling myself out of bed the next morning. Thursday I slept through not 1, not 2 but 3 alarms, missing running and barely making it to school on time. It's definitely going to be an adjustment.

This week was also the Track Shack sale! I definitely needed new shoes considering this pair was from before my heart attacks and they were covered in my DNA. Unfortunately they don't make my Adidas Adizero Bostons anymore (c'mon Adidas, it hasn't been THAT long!) so I got fitted for these sweet Asics. I guess it's a fresh start.
Farewell old buddies, hello snazzy kicks
I also got these sweet minimalist Brooks for $20! I love a deal!

Today was the Celebration of Running 5k. I knew there was no chance of a PR so I just set my intentions on this being a training run and enjoying the opportunity to be out and about. We ran the Princeton/Urban Trail area and even past the Track Shack. I did a ton of walking, especially towards the end. Kathleen (for whom I will forever owe) was awesome and stuck with me.
Another bib with a '4' in it! This is starting to get creepy.

The crew. L-R: moi, Kathleen, Leah, Amanda, Gloria, Betty. We missed Amy, Lora & Elie! Thanks to Chris who took the picture!

The sweet medal we got.

On my way home I went to Walgreens. This picture will really only mean something to my running chicas but know that I'm laughing to myself as I type this.

Aaaannnnnnndddd an adorable shot of Max. You'd think he ran the 5k!

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