Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watermelon 5k

Happy 4th of July everyone! This morning was the Watermelon 5k, which was my first official 5k since the heart attacks. Considering I didn't have much sleep, there were over 4500 runners and the temperature and humidity were out of control, not bad! ♥
Runners are supposed to be morning people. I missed that training session.
The weather? Not great. Oh, what's that? I live in Florida? Touche´.
This screenshot was taken afterwards but there really wasn't much of a difference. Plus the body heat of thousands of people. Yikes.

All in all the run went well. Joe came along to offer support and to run circles around me but I really appreciated it. He also took some great pics.
This is pretty much how it looked for 2 miles. PACKED.

What's in the pack? Oh just a little nitro.

Finished and red-faced

Da bib. There were at least that many runners. My lucky bib number has always been 4 so this was awesome. 

Overall 40:31 with a moving pace of 12:13. Not bad I suppose.

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