Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Running Tradition? Napping!

What a week for running. The Watermelon 5k pretty much zapped my energy for the rest of the week. Today I did a downtown run with Elie, Leah, Lora and Elie's friend Chris. They run 3:1s which I rarely do anymore so I was really fatigued after 3 miles. I ended up bailing around 3.3 miles and heading back to Panera. My heart rate was going up fast, I felt nauseous and a little dizzy. Some days you're the windshield, other days you're the bug.

My new tradition after running is napping. This running thing is kicking my tail more than I had anticipated. I really hope the fatigue goes away before the start of the school year or I'm not sure how I will keep running while working again. At least right now I can come home, shower, read, watch "Pretty Little Liars" episodes and drift off to never never land. In just a little over a month I will be speed showering, shoving some oatmeal down my face and flying out the door to work 10 hour days and coming home to do doc work at night. Definitely looking for more ways to boost the energy level now. Any ideas? ♥
11 miles? Could be worse!

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