Monday, July 2, 2012

Keeps On Tickin'...

Not a very eventful week. I skipped running last Tuesday (mmm sleeeeeep) and then started getting this fluttering sensation in my chest on Wednesday. I had a crappy run Thursday morning and then felt even worse so I skipped Saturday too. Luckily I went to the cardiologist today and all is good. I need to start taking some magnesium oxide and that should help.

Last Tuesday I had kind of a strange experience. Those of you who know me know that I love Groupon and Groupon-related sites. LOVE. I've gotten some amazing deals on there for everything from dog grooming to pedicures. Recently I got a deal for a Reiki treatment so I finally had a chance to use it. Pretty interesting. Reiki is basically the transfer and balance of your body's energy through the chakras. I really wasn't feeling much until she got to my heart chakra, then I had this amazing stretching feeling, like I was arching my back but I wasn't moving. After it was over with, she says, "I just feel like your heart space is huge. It feels like it's being restricted. You should open up." I know this exact quote because I was so weirded out I typed it into my phone immediately after I left. If she only knew! I felt calmer after I left which was good enough for me.

Up this week: 3 runs, Watermelon 5k, accupuncture on Friday & another week at attempting to relax ♥

Here is a visual of the chakras of the body:
[image via wikipedia]

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