Saturday, July 14, 2012

Heart Rate, Humidity & 5ks...Oh My!

What a week. I've been working my tail off to get my doc work done before the end of the semester so that has consumed most of my daylight hours. Tuesday I overslept for track, which was a huge bummer. I definitely made up for it Thursday though! Thursday morning we ran the Timberland Shores hill route and I got in 2.34 miles in the fog-like humidity. Then Thursday night we all ran the Urban Trail 5k. It wasn't a timed race which was good because it was HOT. Plus Kathleen and I caught up with Gloria, who is one of the most inspiring and hysterical ladies. She's a race-walker who puts most runners to shame. Afterwards we hit up Graffiti Junktion and had a blast.
the before shot...look who got another #4 in her race bib!

(l-r): Kathleen, Amy, Elie, me, Gloria, Amanda, Leah...MIA: Lora
Today was scheduled to be a 6 miler. The first 3 weren't great, but they weren't terrible. Then around mile 3 my heart rate started spiking. It even got up to 223! So we ended up walking quite a bit to get it down, but it held steady in the 160s. So lesson learned...sometimes a walk is needed. ♥

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