Sunday, June 17, 2012

Look At Me! I'm On A Bike!

This week my stress level was insane. I had my oral comps at UF which I had been studying for. So my Thursday run was a mess because my stomach was in knots. Once that was over with I was so relieved. I now am officially a doctoral candidate! 

Saturday's 4 mile run was much better. Kathleen, Joe and I did 1:1s, which are way easier for me now. Then we biked for 12.63 more miles with Amy, Gloria, Betty, Greg and Chris. The Skambis clan was nice enough to lend me a bike and a helmet! *Insert cheeseball pic here*
Me...on a bike?!
I have to admit, I liked the bike riding, minus some backside pain the rest of the day. It stretched my legs and gave me a new workout experience. As Gloria said, "we don't live on the edge much." Ha. ♥  
Not bad, not bad! Getting there!

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