Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not My Idea Of A Fun Saturday Night

Saturday night I was driving home from class in Naples, Florida when it happened...the arm pain. The heavy, numb, uncomfortable feeling that I got during the heart attacks in January. It came on fast and strong, which scared the junk out of me. However I was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by citrus trees and cows. What to do, what to do. My toes and fingers were starting to tingle and go pins and needles on me, and I worried that chest pains would be next. I knew it wouldn't be kosher to drive after taking my Nitro spray, so I drove the 3 hours back to Orlando and went straight to the ER. Amanda met me there. They gave me the Nitro tablets which helped the pain big time...yay. Then they admitted! Luckily Max was at Grace's already so my only problem was all of the delicious food from Trader Joe's in my car that was thawing by the moment. Oh, and that pesky heart problem. So I spent Saturday night back in the same hospital floor as back in January. I even had a few of the same nurses. It was incredibly surreal.

Sunday I got an MRI which came back good. No mini-stroke, which was originally a concern. So the cardiologist from the same practice I see came in and said we needed to recath. This was my worst fear since the pain was incredible last time. It's not exactly delightful having something shoved into your femoral artery. But I was definitely not in a position to argue, so cath it was. Monday morning I was cathed around 9 am. It was incredibly strange, laying on the table, watching the doctors and nurses prep around me. Last time the catheterization was so fast once they realized what was happening that I was literally lifted onto the table with a blanket and was in the middle of it before I had time to process what was happening. This time I had too much time to think. It was terrible. Luckily the cath came back good. Stent is working good (thanks Stew). My EF has come up 5% but I'm still dangerously low. Basically my heart is still healing and these symptoms might have to be something I live with for awhile. It's going to take time and patience. So back to rehab I go after clearance. I just hope this doesn't happen every 3 months, or I will definitely be a mess. It could be worse though, and for that I am thankful. ♥


  1. You are doing a great job listening to your body... just keep doing that and you will be fine!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Thanks Julie, I appreciate it. <3