Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Sad Blog Entry About...Screw That! I Got Cleared To RUN! :)

Today was my 3 month (+1 day) appointment with the cardiologist. I don't know what I expected-the fear of being told I had to start at square one at rehab, the thought of more medications, the anxiety over hearing my weight-any of those things are enough to send me in a tailspin these days. But, instead I heard great news! The doc has cleared me to run! I don't have to go to rehab anymore and I can focus my exercise attention on running again, along with my yoga practice. I literally almost cried because I thought it would never happen. Of course I need to check my heart rate and blood pressure and carry my nitro like it's my job, but I CAN RUN! So now I need to find a 5k, half and a marathon to make my goals over the next year. About the same time my heart attack this year was the time I began running last year, and I ran a half by October. So I'm hoping I can run one before my 32nd birthday on November 28th. That would be the best birthday present ever. If you have any suggestions for races, send them my way!

*As a side note, I am also getting my homocysteine levels checked before the next cardiac appointment. Dr House still hasn't figured out the cause of all of this. ♥


  1. What about the Miracle Miles 15k on 9/22 in downtown Orlando? I was thinking of doing that one. I did the Savannah Half Marathon last year and loved it, which is early November. Also, I was talking to my mom about it, but I'm reading this book called The China Study by Cambell and it has a ton of connections with the food we eat (western diet/animal products) and disease; he talks about heart disease a lot in the book. I highly recommend it if you're interested. :) :)
    -Danielle Dillard

  2. She bought the book for me! It's amazing so far! Thanks for the recommendations. I was thinking about the St Pete Half in November too. Know anything about that one? :)